Sobriety Apparel – Portrait Images

Shooting images on location for portrait design t-shirts, behind the scenes look at the latest 'Don't hate the Addict' tee. #sobryeti

Sobriety Apparel – Portrait Images / Don’t Hate the Addict T-Shirt

Here at SOBRYETI we create unique sobriety apparel and when it comes to designs we know that you like originality which is why we do not use stock images for any of your tees. Don’t get us wrong there are plenty of good stock images out there but given the nature of the stock image industry it means that they can be used or bought by anyone and we want to keep things tight using our own photographs for tee designs – this way you can rest assured that your sobriety apparel remains original.

Some designs take longer than others especially when it comes to portraits, we don’t use vector images or images ‘built’ using a program, instead we use real models so your portrait designs are of actual people. A photo shoot can take around two hours depending on whether it is done in our studio or on location here in Spain, then the design begins where we may use all of the image or a cropped area to achieve the desired effect.

Location shoot:

One of our 2018 shoots involved heading off into the Granada mountains near a disused mine, we were testing a new lighting setup with model Rocio involving two outfit changes and a variety of portraits. Below we have the before and after of what the original shots looked like and how they were edited and adapted for the Don’t Hate the Addict’ tee.

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Portrait sobriety apparel offers up something different from a text only design, where the latter is predominantly about the message a portrait tee leans more towards the fashion element using engaging images to complete the design.

If this kind of design is for you then we have recently introduced three special editions +1 more in the Say No 2 Stigma collection. Further designs are planned for the future available in black, white and dark grey heather t-shirts. Check out all sobriety tees [including recent releases] on the store page.

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For further information on photographic opportunities or if you would like to collaborate with the Yeti on future design works please contact us via email.

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