The Sober Yeti Story

Made for everyone, Sobryeti is a brand designed for sober champions across the globe, a brand to strengthen a lifestyle choice, a recovery decision and promote sobriety as an inspiring, unclouded place to be.

In a world of pressure and expectation sometimes we must give a voice to the minority, go against the grain for greater achievement and not follow the herd. We are all human, conditioned to society’s intention, sometimes we need to break free and challenge the norm. Say hello to SOBRYETI.


Sobryeti’s goal is to remove the stigma attached to sobriety and to show modern day society that although we are all different, at the core we have the most important things in common. Choosing to craft your sobriety should be a lifestyle choice and be regarded as exactly that – a choice, not something that creates a perception of being negatively different.

Our brand is designed to be worn by everyone and those that do set the example that is it is fine not to drink by choice as well as marking themselves as a pillar of strength and confidence for those beginning their own journey to sobriety.


Positivity, support and community are the pillars of our brand. These values are deeply engrained in our brand through individual designs, unisex products and message. We listen then design, resulting in products that promote confidence and strength to others who have made a simple lifestyle choice or who are proud of their achievements through their journey to sobriety.


Sober Yeti or ‘Sobryeti’ (sobriety) was created after making the decision to quit drinking in early 2018. Since then it has become the perfect creative outlet for me (Mac) combining my love of photography, urban style and web design. When creating the brand my vision was not just to have an apparel store but to create something with meaning, a movement and to make available clothing that made those who have made the choice not to drink proud to wear..

The message behind Sobryeti is one of choices, unity and equality regardless of whether you drink or not we are all equal. Making a lifestyle choice by deleting alcohol from your journey should not be up for question nor should it be judged or make us appear different. Sobryeti is passionate about the meaning behind the brand and continually strives to create modern street wear with a powerful message ridding the stigma behind sobriety.

Having people believe in you and your message is truly amazing and we have received solid support from all kinds of people, seeing youtubers on the other side of the world, rock bands, influencers and random people wearing SOBRYETI designs drives us on even more, we are passionate about what we do and can’t wait to see what the future brings for both the brand and the sober movement.