SOBRYETI is an independent company specialising in sobriety and addiction t-shirts and apparel. Our designs are centred around social awareness themes and stigma, representing the AF generation SOBRYETI clothing offers an alternative route for those who wish to demonstrate they are sober and proud.


SOBRYETI was launched in early 2019 by creators Iain and Gayle Macdonald, both changed to a sober lifestyle in March 2018 and recognised that there was a growing ‘sober movement’ with individuals from all walks of life challenging addiction and the normality of today’s drinking culture in society.

In May 2019 SOBRYETI made available a run of premium tees for the sober generation and began to ship worldwide to like minded people who wanted to make a statement, rid stigma and stamp out addiction either through their own experiences of the experiences of others.

sober yeti media
sober yeti media
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“Neither of us ever considered sobriety until alcohol became an issue, only then did we make the decision to change our lifestyle,  becoming increasingly aware of the stigma attached and normality of a ‘legal’, addictive drug the decision was made to create a brand aimed at increasing awareness”


SOBRYETI founders Iain (Mac) and Gayle relocated to Andalucia from the UK in 2004, after running a successful ecommerce business until 2016 both decided it was time for a change where Iain pursued his passion for photography and Gayle returned to teaching and studying sobriety coaching. Gayle’s sobriety coaching programs were launched in 2018 with SOBRYETI following just a few months later.

The pair draw from their experience as former drinkers to assist others in making a lifestyle change are steering the SOBRYETI brand to apply the message that sobriety is normal and should not be stigmatized by modern day society.


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