Sober Life Clothing – Monochrome Grunge

Some designs just happen, we take a look at the latest edition to your sobriety portrait range with a streetwear twist for those who need their sobriety tees to have a dose of attitude.

Here at SOBRYETI we love throwing a black and white grunge angle onto your sober life clothing designs, variety is the spice of life right? Sometimes the best things happen when they are completely unplanned and this design is something we are working on to be released Summer 2019, taken with a standard point and shoot this portrait grabbed our attention and we thought it might be worth having a play around with… As creatives and photographers it is far too easy to fall into that gear acquisition trap convincing ourselves that we need the latest equipment when in actual fact even the most modest piece of kit can and usually will do the job, this tee is a good example.

sobriety clothing brand
sobriety clothing
sober yeti sobriety clothing

Heavy effects in photoshop hide the true identity of our model here adding a touch of mystery and also that black and white feel typically associated with street photography.

sober life clothing
recovery posse t shirts
recovery posse tees

White, heather grey and black are your most popular choices and we think that this image works best on white for that cool AF/sober AF approach, perhaps you are a sober mum looking to buy some sober life clothing with a bit of attitude – this tee might just be the one…

sober life clothing

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Sober Life is Good T-Shirt, part of your street portraits sobriety clothing range. Check out all of the designs in store today and choose your next kick ass sobriety tee.

Life is good – sober

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