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Selection of sobriety images with a difference, we shoot portraits in studio and on location, some of those images make it into your sobriety images collection, simple high contrast portraits with a subtle digital design combination with some of the best motivational words we can find.

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///Better Life

on location – Altiplano de granada

“I chose sober because I wanted a better life, I stay sober because I got one” – a phrase that many an ex drinker can relate to, image shot on location in Granada, early morning as part of a project for @Sober Bliss.

///my business

in studio

My sobriety, my business. Minimal lighting and bolder edits to compliment the ‘attitude’ of the model, an image with authority and a seriousness suggesting that sobriety is indeed your business, stop asking questions #soberasfuck


in studio

There is nothing stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself, studio image with @soberbliss, rebuilding yourself out of addiction, grey area drinking or any other aspect of life that is negative is the most badass thing you can do.


on location – granada

Darker, high contrast for print, this is one of four images chosen for a mini series of portrait tees in black and white.

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sobriety clothing
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in studio

Part of the recovery series, shot in studio with minimal lighting we like to think this image represents recovery into the light from the darkness, Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on…

///no time

on location – granada

No time for anyone who cannot accept my sobriety, on location with model Mila. Why spend time thinking about the perceptions and inability of others to accept your choices when inner contentment is by far the more positive and self satisfying, your decision is yours.

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street | fiesta/granada

We blame society but we are society… Social views, judgement, racial equality, sexual equality, stigma and so much more. Don’t let society manipulate you. Take action, be a voice not an echo.


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