Do It Sober – A Closer Look at a Big Statement T-Shirt

Do it sober - big bold designs with big messages, rapid fire photo shoot of your latest tee with @soberbliss


Your do it sober tee is one of the boldest in the range, a full on sobriety message not in the least bit timid, one for the bold this shirt gets the message across in style. Here at SOBRYETI we don’t tend to design smaller, more tame messages, we believe that sobriety should be something to be proud of and we like saying it loud, one for the tee shirt collection this shirt looks the business at any AF fest or gathering – it;s big, it’s loud, be proud.

do it sober
do it sober tee
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This was a rapid fire ‘sobriety shirt shoot’ with Gayle from @sober bliss, all done in under 10 minutes, having spotted an old classic tranny van parked nearby we thought that it would make a great backdrop and something a little different. Do you have a SOBRYETI tee? Don’t forget you can get featured on our sobriety wall of fame – simply send us your best killer photo of you wearing your shirt and we do the rest, keep up the great work and always remember… sober is better.

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Proud of your sobriety? Why not show it off, spread the message and inspire others with some great streetwear?

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