Addiction Recovery Apparel

#SOBERSUNDAYS Shooting addiction recovery tees in the back streets of a Spanish village | Product promo videos | Photo Shoots.

Addiction recovery apparel

Sobriety isn’t boring and your addiction recovery apparel [whether for you or someone you know] needn’t be either, sobriety is a lifestyle choice and with lifestyle choices comes fashion, your  wardrobe defines who you are so if you’re proud of your sobriety, crushed an addiction or simply want to wear a statement then your choice of t-shirt should be just as important as anything else.

The very first SOBRYETI design is one of simplicity, big bold lettering in a different layout, there is no doubt that this shirt speaks ‘sober as f*ck’ but with a more subtle approach. Sober Sundays are something we have tackled head on since quitting drinking, Sundays can be, for some the worst day of the week so we took them as a challenge to discover just how productive you can be on a Sunday morning in Spain.

addiction recovery apparel
addiction recovery tees

Getting out and about usually means carrying the camera and a lazy stroll around the back streets of a sleepy Spanish village can, and usually does turn into a photo shoot. Here are just some of the results from a quick one hour shoot with @soberbliss. Rural Andalucia can throw up some great locations, urban style almost like your shooting in Cuba with all the weathered buildings, iron grates across the windows and Spanish influence. Need lifestyle images with a gritty, high contrast edge? Get in touch.

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